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Principal's Message

Please bring the following legal documents for registration:

Birth Certificate 
Certificate of Indian Blood (C.I.B.)
Social Security Card

Current Immunization

Proof of residence (Electric Bill)

Age Requirement - Must be between the ages 16 & 20.

Student MUST be present for interview, please bring student.

Go Warriors!


Parents and Students


Mt. Turnbull Academy will have bus transportation this school year with Mt. Turnbull Elementary.

 Green Bus- Top Road

Start Point-Highway to store at 6:45 AM

Southside and Mormon Hill 6:55 AM

Ready to Go 7:00 AM

Down to bottom road 7:05 AM

Drop off at MTA 7:20 AM


Orange Bus- Bottom Road

Start Point- Home Alone at 6:45 AM

Rainbow City and Ocotillo 6:55AM

Rising Sun 7:10 AM

Drop of Elementary at MTE 7:20 AM

Drop off at MTA 7:25 AM



School will begin at 7:40 AM and excuse at 2:00 PM

Students will load the bus at 2:30 PM for transportation home.


If you have any questions please contact our staff 
Thank You!


MTA Mission Statement

Mt. Turnbull Academy is an alternative high school that serves students who are struggling academically, behind on credits, have dropped out of school and have a history of disciplinary problems.  The Academy practices blended learning and integrates one on one instruction with technology while providing a caring work environment that focuses on the student's needs, interests and abilities. 
Mt. Turnbull Academy is a center for students that want to make a positive change and earn a high school diploma.
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  January 2017  
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