Greetings, my name is Jayson Stanley and I am the current Director of Mt. Turnbull Academy here in Bylas, AZ.  I've been the Director since the spring of 2010.  I began teaching here in 2008 and have seen a lot of students grow and become successful.  I always strive to put students at the forefront of any student issue because I believe they are the individuals that make every teaching moment possible.  My approach is simple, but direct.  
Students understand that this an alternative high school and we need them working every day and earning every credit that's offered.  Staff members push every student and make them believers first.  We do that by teaching one on one and incorporate blended instruction for every student.  We give them confidence to do better, so students can improve academically, socially and emotionally.
As a D school, we hope to improve within the year and make appropriate adjustments to ensure that students are successful.  My students are up for the challenge, they are hard working individuals and we teach them to be disciplined in their studies.  
Please call our school if you are interested about our program.  We utilize the GradPoint program and incorporate teacher taught classes.  We enroll students who are 16 - 20 years of age and willing to work to earn a high school diploma.  We can put you on a fast track to graduation.  My number is 928-475-3050, have a nice day!